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When Give Back, People Notice, a Houston Plumbing company that loves to give back with their very own YouTube channel show where they offer award-winning, free advice and how-to videos that have helped hundreds of people across the country. With their channel reaching close to 100,00 views and a long list of subscribers, are here to help their customers avoid hiring plumbers, saving them time and money.

And their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

From the Houston Daily News

“Sometimes, angels don’t wear white when they wing their way to those in need.

They might wear blue-collar uniforms and drive vans packed with wrenches, valves, gaskets, and drain snakes.

That’s how Dave and Jim Schuelke roll. And the Cothran family of Burbank could not be more thankful.”

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From the Houston Times

“There are plenty of stories about plumbers or other tradespeople ripping people off.

This isn’t one of them.

For about 25 years, twin brothers Dave and Jim Schuelke have run a Houston plumbing company that handles pipe problems throughout the region. They have contracts with a number of condo complexes.

In April, Dave – the older of the 44-year-old twins by five minutes – responded to an urgent call from a condominium’s homeowners association in Burbank. There was a leak in the building’s garage that other plumbers couldn’t trace to its source.”

Find out what happened next.


“When plumbing company was called in to fix a leak in an apartment complex, they had no idea that they would end up making a very large impact on one family’s life. After meeting two tenants who were both disabled, the plumbing company decided to improve the family’s situation by making over their hard-to-use bathroom.”

Watch the video:

From CBS Local Houston

“ from Houston come to the rescue of a Burbank woman facing more than just a plumbing problem.” Listen to the interview below!

From The Drive-By Economist

“We call these guys the real California Angels.” Watch the below video to find out why Doug Kriegel of the Drive-By Economist has recognized Jim and Dave’s efforts.

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